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HS Scoreboard is a free app for High School sports fans to follow your team or any of over 14,000 other teams. Track the action with multiple live scores, plays, stat updates, news and more! With HS Scoreboard you can be guaranteed you will never miss the action again! Get started now by downloading the App!

Get Social & Get Involved!

Want to 'Get Social' at a game? The HS SCOREBOARD app is also a LIVE social networking platform at the game. Create a fun and engaging atmosphere within the app. You create live play by play comments, live color commentary and have your say on every play as it happens. Follow all the action by viewing comments made by people at the game and on their phones.

Maximise High School Exposure!

The HS Scoreboard app is a FREE platform for high schools. It allows high schools to score their games in real-time and stream the scores LIVE to smart-phones & dumb-phones using the HS Scoreboard system, sigh school websites as well as Facebook & Twitter pages. HS ScoreBoard in conjunction with its partners has created a revenue sharing business model at no cost to schools. Sign your school up today and start benefiting from this unique system!

Never miss a beat!

HS Scoreboard ties directly into your phone and has a built in notifications system. You can set it to follow teams and even individual games! HS ScoreBoad will keep you up to date with notifications of game starts, point, plays and more. It can even set alerts in your calendar so you'll never miss a game again.

Giving Back

HS Scoreboard has created a unique giving back program that allows participating high schools to benefit from there involvment in the HS Scoreboard App and scoring system. Schools that utilise our platform have new avenues opened up to them and can gain advantages for the school iteself and the wider community.

"Fantastic app, fun easy to use and about time High School sports got a quality app with a lot of features. The social media function really brings to life the games and lets fans know what's really happening. Thank you, Sean Diaz – Assistant Principle – Beckman High School, CA"

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